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Most people are afraid to call an air conditioning repair company when the heating and cooling goes out because they are afraid of what the AC Tech will charge. To be honest this is a valid concern since most companies charge $89 to diagnose your air conditioning when it is not working. Then you the homeowner are in a pickle because if you wanted a second opinion you have spent $180 dollars and an air conditioner that still doesn’t work. That is why we charge $19.99 for air conditioner check ups and The Free estimate is possibly the scariest AC repair estimate of all because if the air conditioning company doesn’t find something wrong they make no money off of that service. Hey, your no dummy and you already know this. A company that offers free service calls is highly motivated to find as much wrong with your air conditioner as they can or they loose money.

Calling us before your air conditioner quits working all together can save you thousands in repairs.

When you suspect your AC is not working the way that it should, we hope that you will call us out at that moment instead of waiting until it quits working all together. You see, if you have your air conditioner serviced each spring and fall you can head off major and more costly repairs. But even if you just call us when your HVAC system is not working well, you can still avoid more costly repairs. We repeatedly hear Las Vegas homeowners say, “My Air conditioner has been acting up for about a week or so but it only quite working today.” This kind of thinking can take a small air conditioner repair on your home of a couple hundred and bump it to $1000 or more. So don’t be afraid to call us the minute you suspect an issue. Much of the time we find nothing wrong or something as incidental as a loose screw.

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How is it possible that we know so much about so many brands of air conditioners? Some might tell you that it is because they go to special classes and spend hours learning the nuances of each brand. While that may be true there are really very few differences from a HVAC technicians stand point to be considered. For instance a Train or American standard AC compressor may perform better and longer that other brands but fro the technician’s standpoint there is really very little deference. The testing and replacement involves the same tools and procedures to replace.

Get A Second Opinion Before You Waist Thousands on A New Air Conditioning Unit

This is the very reason that we started our own Las Vegas air conditioning repair company. We found that we were constantly being told to replace our air conditioners on our Las Vegas properties. When in fact all of them were able to be repaired for a fraction of the cost. One customer called us out to look at his Las Vegas rental property to give him and estimate for a new air conditioner he said he needed. When we got there we noticed that the A/C unit on the house was only 15-years-old. We were able to repair the air conditioner for a third of the cost of replacement. That was 3 years ago and it still works great to this day. Check out this AC website if you need air conditioning repair in Las Vegas or Henderson.

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