Types of Air conditioner

As a homeowner, we need to be more familiar and educated with what’s going on inside our homes same with the things we have in it.

We must be informed of different types of Air conditioner for example so when we need to do a repair or a maintenance, we know what’s perfect for our needs.

Windows AC
These types of Air Conditioning are developed to be fitted in window sills. A single unit of Window Air Conditioner houses all the needed components, namely the compressor, condenser, development valve or coil, evaporator and cooling down coil enclosed in a solitary box. Given that a home window Air Conditioning is a solitary unit, it takes less initiative to put in along with for maintenance.


Single unit air conditioning unit
Much less initiative needed for installment
Costs minimal in evaluation to other assortments

Types-of-Air-conditionerSplit Air Conditioning

These are sets of 2 systems, one interior and one more external. The interior system installed inside a space intakes warm air and throws in cool air. The outdoor unit on the other hand is installed out of the house. It is and includes the compressor linked to the inner device through drainpipe pipelines and power cables. This exterior system throws out the cozy air.


Internal device uses up much less space for installation
Usually a lot more silent compared to home window ACs
Minimally influence your home decor
Can be installed in space with no home windows

Tower AC

These are additionally referred to as floor-standing a/c. Like split ACs, a tower AC set consists of 2 units- one interior and an exterior. The in the house device does not require wall surface installment. It instead inhabits some space on the flooring. Tower air conditioning unit generally have high cooling capacity and ideal for big spaces.


Appropriate for higher capability cooling
Suitable for huge rooms in the house and in offices
Doesn’t need glass or wall surface setup

Cassette Air Conditioning

These space-saving ACs are influenced like cassettes and are created to be set up on ceilings. They are best for huge spaces where windows or split AC could not get to out.


Best at conserving space
Able to cool big areas where various other ACs don’t communicate
Blends with decoration

Dice Air Conditioner

This fairly new style presented by Panasonic can be mounted near to a ceiling or at the window level. Generally, this is a smaller sized model of the crack kind air conditioner and costs less than the former. The in the house device showcases a freshly made angled propeller follower for reliable and quick cooling. Boosted blade form curve and larger consumption grill further help for effective performance.


Can be mounted near the ceiling or at home window degree
Freshly created angled prop follower for quick cooling
Improved blade shape curving for effective efficiency

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Types of Air conditioner

Types of Air conditioner As a homeowner, we need to be more familiar and educated with what’s going on inside our homes same with the things […]
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